Watatita! T-Shirts.

Watatita t-shirts are available in 4 designs...
(For English speakers, Watatita merchandising will be available in English language soon, currently, we are still analysing the market, and finding our target audience)
All t-shirts are beige/creamy coloured, and are made with carded cotton, very comfortable, machine washable, and ironable.

Available in these sizes:
XS: Width : 45 cm , Length: 68 cm
S: Width: 47 cm, Length: 69 cm
M: Width: 49 cm, Length: 69 cm
L: Width: 51 cm, Length: 71 cm
XL: Width: 53 cm, Length: 72 cm

The price of 1 t-shirt is Rp. 120.000 (USD$ 12) + shipping price. or buy 2 for Rp. 200.000 (USD$ 20)
For the Soap Opera, Traffic Jam, and Theatre design, the picture is placed at the front of the t-shirt, and the logo is placed on the back.
For the Wayang design, the picture is placed on back of the t-shirt, and the logo is placed on the front of the t-shirt.
Soap Opera
Traffic Jam

How to Order

If you live in Indonesia

Please sms (do not call, so there will be a written evidence) to this mobile number: 0855 80 66 000 (Alexia).

  • Buyer's full name
  • Type of t-shirt (Wayang, Soap Opera, Theatre, Traffic Jam)
  • T-shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Amount
  • Address

After receiving a confirmation, send money to:
BCA Account: 6050332819 (Alexia Cahyaningtyas)
Please mention the t-shirt type and size: (eg. SOAP OPERA XL)

For those who live overseas, you may order through this form:

    Title Text.

These t-shirts are the merchandise/product from the blog:
Watatita! Wayang Tentang Tingkah Laku Kita
Watatita! in English
Watatita Facebook Page can be accessed through this link:
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